JEE Main 2016 Analysis Highlights

No. of students appeared for JEE Main 2016

JEE Main is a huge event in itself. More than 12 lakh students appeared for JEE Main this year. Though the number has been steadily dropping over the years, this is still significant enough to make it the biggest exam on this planet. The falling number is a strong indication that students are paying more attention to state CET as compared to Main.


The chances of getting selected might be one reasons for the same. Total number of seats available through JEE Main are not more than 50,000. The general perception about today's exam though was that it was not very difficult. In particular Chemistry was a lot simpler than what was expected.

Subject/Topic Wise Difficulty Level Analysis for JEE 2016

If we get into the details of difficulty of each subject. We can see that Chemistry and Mathematics had the minimum number of question which one would consider difficult. And even though most of the question in Chemistry we moderately difficult, the overall impression about Chemistry was that it was easier than usual.


Mathematics probably packed the biggest surprise. Mathematics is usually the toughest of the three subjects. But this time the questions were not as hard as one would expect. Also, looks like some of the topics were completely ignored. For example, there was no question from definite integral, though it is considered as one of the most important topics of Class 12th.

  No. of Questions-Easy No. of Questions-Medium No. of Questions-Hard Total Difficulty Level*
Physics 11 10 9 30 4.8
Chemistry 11 12 7 30 4.6
Mathematics 12 11 7 30 4.5

This year Physics also had surprise element. As opposed to the overall paper, Physics, we felt, was more difficult than usual. Usually Physics is very simple, but this time it was the most difficult of the three subjects. Individual perception may vary though, but a general perception was that Physics was more difficult than what was expected.

Question distribution from 11th and 12th : Subject Wise


Topic wise marks distribution

If we get into the details of the subjects, starting with Physics. The most important deviation was that a significant amount of questions were asked from topics which usually don't carry as much weightage. For example, there were at least eight questions asked from Mechanics, which is slightly unusual. Also there were not as many questions from Electrostatics which is also a huge chapter and usually has significant weightage.

Physics of Class 11
Name of topic Number of questions
Properties of Solids and Liquids 3
Thermodynamics 3
Rotational Motion 2
Oscillations and Waves 2
Physics and Measurement 1
Kinematics 1
Laws of Motion 1
Work, Energy and Power 1
Gravitation 1
Physics of Class 12
Name of topic Number of questions
Properties of Solids and Liquids 3
Thermodynamics 3
Rotational Motion 2
Oscillations and Waves 2
Physics and Measurement 1
Kinematics 1
Laws of Motion 1
Work, Energy and Power 1
Gravitation 1

In Chemistry, the paper was uniformly distributed. Questions were asked from almost all topics without giving more weightage to any particular topic. One could actually say the same about Physics but this pattern was more evident in Chemistry. Also the level of difficulty was average. There was no question which could be considered really hard, though there were two or three such questions in Physics.

Chemistry of Class 11
Name of topic Number of questions
Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry 3
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 2
States of Matter (Gaseous State, Liquid State) 1
Atomic Structure 1
Chemical Thermodynamics 1
Equilibrium 1
Redox Reactions 1
Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry 1
Chemistry of Class 12
Name of topic Number of questions
Electrochemistry 3
Organic Compounds containing Oxygen 3
General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals 2
Co-ordination Compounds 2
Organic Compounds containing Halogens 2
Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen 2
Chemical Kinetics 1
Solid State 1
P-Block Elements 1
Polymers 1
Biomolecules 1

Coming to Mathematics. This section was a lot easier than anyone would have expected. It must have come as a huge relief to those who are not good at Maths. Also some important, but relatively tricky topics like Probability and Definite Integral were not given any weightage. Not a single question was asked from Definite Integral and only one question was asked from Probability which was too easy.

Mathematics of Class 11
Name of topic Number of questions
Co-ordinate Geometry (Straight Lines & Circles, Conic Sections) 5
Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations 3
Sequences and Series 2
Statistics and Probability 2
Trigonometry 2
Binomial Theorem and its Simple Applications 1
Mathematical Reasoning 1
Mathematics of Class 12
Name of topic Number of questions
Integral Calculus 3
Three Dimensional Geometry & Vector Algebra 3
Differentiation and applications 3
Matrices and Determinants 2
Sets, Relations and Functions 1
Limit, Continuity and Differentiability 1
Differential Equations 1

Considering the pattern over the years, cut off does not vary much. The cut off over the last couple of years has been between 100 and 125. This year, since the paper was easy, we can expect the cut off to be on the higher side. Our estimate is that the cut off this year should be close to 120. But we might be in for a surprise because we are expecting most students to score well in Maths as well as Chemistry. So it is hard to tell by exactly how much the cut off will rise.


In conclusion, we can say that paper was slightly easier than what was expected. The good thing though was that the questions were asked from almost all topics which made it comprehensive in a way. The slight increase in difficulty of Physics is a welcome change but the compromise with the Mathematics section is something that is not seen as a positive change by us. After all Mathematics is the most important subject when it comes to Engineering.

We wish everyone who appeared for this exam Good Luck for their results. The results will be out on April 27, 2016.

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