JEE Main 2014 Text solution (Codewise)
Code G

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After JEE Main 2014, one of the most important things for students is to know the way each question could be approached in the exam. Plancess provides the candidates the complete JEE Main 2014 solutions in paper and video format. These video solutions bring you the best strategies and tips to approach the questions asked in the JEE Main 2014 entrance test.

Although you will get solutions from a number of sources, with Plancess you can be sure of the authenticity of the JEE Main 2014 Solutions released. Our solutions are delivered by Aman Goel (JEE Main 2013 AIR 617 & JEE Advanced 2013 AIR 33) and Shubham Yadav (JEE Main 2013 295/360 & JEE Advanced 2013 AIR 98) from IIT Bombay and subject matter experts of Plancess.

You can download our JEE Main 2014 Paper Solution for Code G. To understand how to go about solving each question , you can watch our video solutions. These solutions are also available on our youtube channel, where we have segregated the solutions for each subject in different playlists.

You can also check out other sections on our site, like Analysis and Cut Off for an in depth analysis of your performance in JEE Main 2014.