JEE Main 2013

After the JEE Main 2013 exam, you might want to assess your performance in the exam. How will you do it?

The Plancess team of JEE Subject Matter Experts has partnered with the Top 100 IIT JEE Rankers from IIT Bombay to release the JEE 2013 Answer Key. This key will help you match your responses in the exam with the correct answers to each question. Using this answer key, you will be able to arrive at an estimated score in the JEE Main 2013 exam and estimate if you are eligible for JEE Advanced 2013 exam.

The Plancess team has worked really hard to deliver the perfect answer key for JEE Main 2013 and make it available to the JEE aspirants within a few hours after the exam.

The JEE Main 2013 Answer Key provides correct answers for all four sets of question papers, namely - Code P, Code Q, Code R & Code S. You can click on the respective answer keys to download it to your computer.

JEE Main 2013 Answer Key (Codewise)
Code P Code Q Code R Code S

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The analysis PDF provides an indepth analysis for JEE Main 2013. The detailed analysis, created by Plancess Subject Matter Experts and Top 100 IIT JEE Rankers covers 5 important areas of the exam.

  1. Marks Distribution in JEE Main 2013 (Overall)
  2. Overall Difficulty Level of JEE Main 2013
  3. Analysis of Physics Portion of JEE Main 2013
  4. Analysis of Chemistry of JEE Main 2013
  5. Analysis of Mathematics of JEE Main 2013

To know the list of India’s best Engineering Colleges, you can check this PDF which lists down best colleges India, including the private ones. To know completely about JEE Main 2013 exam – subject-wise segregation of weightage of JEE Main for all three subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics please check this PDF.

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