NEET/AIPMT Physics Video Lectures and Study Material
NEET/AIPMT Physics Video Lectures and Study Material

NEET/AIPMT Physics Video Lectures and Study Material

Fast track your Physics preparation with our NEET/AIPMT Physics combo package - video lectures and study material. Our study material covers every important chapter for NEET/AIPMT in Physics to ensure you don’t miss out on any critical topic, subtopic or concept. Each core concept is explained thoroughly. Topic-wise illustrations and the solved examples will facilitate easy mastering of concepts.

Our physics video lectures come with rich visuals and 2D/3D animations. These video lectures are very effective and efficient as it improves retention and appeals to a variety of learning styles. You can follow along with the lecture at your own pace, going more slowly or quickly.

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Video Lectures

Criteria Description
Number of Topics 28
Number of Video Lectures 325
Total Lecture Duration 131 Hours 21 Mins 


Topics covered in Physics

Books Topics Lecture Duration Ebook Pages
Book 1 - XI Std Units, Dimensions and Errors 1 Hour 7 Mins 55
Experimental Physics 1 Hour 14 Mins 55
Motion in a Straight Line 4 Hours 14 Mins 42
Motion in a Plane 2 Hours 12 Mins 43
Forces and Laws of Motion 7 Hours 14 Mins 48
Work, Energy and Power 6 Hours 18 Mins 38
Book 2 - XI Std Centre of Mass and the Law of Conservation of Momentum 4 Hours 41 Mins 39
Rotational Mechanics 9 Hours 59 Mins 58
Gravitation 3 Hours 55 Mins 45
Simple Harmonic Motion and Elasticity 5 Hours 44 Mins 89
Fluid Mechanics 3 Hours 49 Mins 70
Book 3 - XI Std Heat Transfer 3 Hours 5 Mins 52
Calorimetry and Thermal Expansion 62 Mins 52
Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics 3 Hours 50 Mins 88
Waves on a String 2 Hours 42 Mins 54
Sound Waves 2 Hours 7 Mins 54
Books Topics Lecture Duration Ebook Pages
Book 1 - XII Std Electric Charges, Forces and Fields 6 Hours 46
Electric Potential and Capacitance 1 Hour 31 Mins 72
Current Electricity 6 Hours 50 Mins 61
Book 2 - XII Std Moving Charges and Magnetism 5 Hours 41 Mins 126
Electromagenetic Induction 4 Hours 14 Mins 49
Alternating Current 6 Hours 27 Mins 60
Electromagnetic Waves 2 Hours 23 Mins 30
Book 3 - XII Std Geometrical Optics 7 Hours 34 Mins 83
Wave Optics 2 Hours 38 Mins 47
Modern Physics 8 Hours 26 Mins 101
Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity 6 Hours 6 Mins 47
Semi-conductor and Communication System 10 Hours 18 Mins 96


Video Lectures
  • Delivered by qualified faculties from premium institutes 
  • Covers the topics from simplest case and add complexity gradually
  • Rich visuals and 2D/3D animations to present complex concepts
  • Discusses various problem-solving techniques 
  • Builds a comprehensive and exhaustive approach towards Chemistry topics 
Study Material
  • Complete Physics study material for NEET/AIPMT exam created by Qualified Medical Professionals and Top IITians
  • Methodology directed at thorough understanding of all topics and subtopics
  • Exhaustive theory with features like Knowledge Builder, Did You Know and Try it Yourself
  • Knowledge Builder – Provides additional helpful information in the form of practical applications, real life examples, points to remember, summarizing tables
  • Did you know –Includes interesting facts, stories and information related to the topic
  • Try it yourself - Offers topic-wise questions to reinforce learning
  • 30,000+ questions with answer keys and over 10,000 solved examples
  • Separate exercises for subjective as well as objective questions
  • Complete Formula Sheet
  • Summary after every chapter
  • Important ‘Points to Remember’ added between the chapters


Video Lectures
  • Self-paced study: Study at your own pace and convenience
  • Detailed approach: An intuitive and systematic approach used to reinforce the fundamental concepts
  • Proper focus: Lectures span from basic concepts to advanced concepts
  • Comprehensive solution: Complete conceptual clarity through different illustrations
  • Higher retention: The video highlights content specific presentation strategies which makes conceptual understanding simple and results in better retention
Study Material 
  • Easy learning: Provides graphics and illustrations to make conceptual understanding quick and simple
  • Topic-wise tips: Learn quickly and profoundly with complete Physics NEET/AIPMT theories covering features like Knowledge Builder, Did You Know and Try it Yourself
  • Self-assessment: Know where you stand before the exam with 30,000+ questions with answer keys
  • Ample practice & revision: Strengthen your hold over important topics with more than 10,000 solved examples
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses: Gauge your knowledge and preparation level with topic-wise exercises categorized into subjective as well as objective questions
  • Problem solving assistance: Get access to complete formulae sheet for quick and easy revision of important formulae
  • Master basic concepts: Get important ‘Points to Remember’ added between the chapters to learn and master basic yet key concepts


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