JEE Main & Advanced Assessment
JEE Main & Advanced Assessment
JEE Main & Advanced Assessment
JEE Main & Advanced Assessment
JEE Main & Advanced Assessment
JEE Main & Advanced Assessment
JEE Main & Advanced Assessment
JEE Main & Advanced Assessment
JEE Main & Advanced Assessment
JEE Main & Advanced Assessment

JEE Main & Advanced Assessment - Get all the practice you'll ever need for IIT JEE with more than 1000 tests covering each and every concept which is a part of the IIT JEE syllabus. With PrepLane (Plancess' online assessment platform), you get:

  • 1000+ chapter-wise tests as per the IIT JEE syllabus with more than 50,000+ questions for rigorous practice.
  • 20+ Fortnightly All India Tests to know where you stand among other students.
  • Option to take tests with the desired syllabus & difficulty-level to practice the way you like.
  • Detailed reports & Recommendations that offer insights to improve conceptual proficiency, time management and more.

Additionally, you will get access to more than 10,000 new questions every month to take your practice into overdrive. 

To get started with PrepLane, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1 :  Sign up on using the email ID you want to use on PrepLane.

Step 2 :  Once you have registered on, you will receive an email on the same email ID to activate your account using an activation link.

Step 3 : When purchasing, make sure you use the same email ID that is registered on PrepLane

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Our JEE Main and Advanced Assessment platform, PrepLane covers each and every concept in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as per the prescribed syllabus of JEE Main & Advanced examinations.

PrepLane is designed to provide rigorous practice for aspiring students, with tests available for every chapter in each and every subject. On an average, each chapter contains 300+ questions, as per the format of the JEE Main and Advanced Examinations. 

To know more, enroll for a trial at

Unlimited practice tests - Get thorough practice with several rigorous tests that cover every topic

Create your own tests - Create tests with your desired syllabus and difficulty level for targeted practice

Learn smarter with insights - Access detailed insights on your progress and performance to plan your studies better

Get Personalised Recommendations - Improve your scores with recommendations that suggest relevant areas to focus on

Evaluate your performance - Participate in fortnightly mock tests and experience real exam-like scenario to know your standing among others

50,000+ IIT JEE relevant questions - Get access to 50,000+ questions designed according to the IIT JEE syllabus

  • Simulated tests to provide an experience of the real exam

PrepLane features all the question formats that have appeared in entrance examinations to ensure that you get an experience that is as close to the exam as possible.

  • Insightful reports to pinpoint your weakness areas

PrepLane provides an instant report on completion of each assessment to help you understand the concepts you're struggling in and suggestions on how you could improve them.

  • Detailed solutions to help you learn as you practice

PrepLane provides question-wise analysis on assessments taken by you to help you understand the mistakes you've made along with detailed recommendations to help improve your performance.

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    Good,gives opportunity to explore to large number of Questions and have ample practice to get good score

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    best study material and test video lectures

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