Foundation PCMB Study Material - Class 9th & 10th
Foundation PCMB Study Material - Class 9th & 10th

Foundation PCMB Study Material - Class 9th & 10th

Looking for complete Class 9th and 10th study notes at one place? Seeking ways to learn and revise important topics? With more than 3000 pages of study material one can find thousands of solved and unsolved examples to self-assess themselves under one roof. The study material helps students in their preparation for various competitive exams such as JEE, NEET/AIPMT, NTSE, and Science Olympiad. Choose the comprehensive Classes 9 and 10 study material and strengthen your preparation for board exams.
Print: You will receive 14 printed books - 12 books divided into topics for PCMB and 2 catering to Mental Ability and Science Project.
USB: You will receive 68 ebooks (176 MB in total) in PDF format for PCMB including ebooks on Mental Ability and Science Project. These can be accessed on your laptop or desktop.
*Note: The USB can be installed, registered and accessed from one system only. 
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  • Mental Ability – It focuses on sharpening your analytical, reasoning and logical skills. A gauge of one’s intellectual abilities, reasoning enables you to understand ideas and concepts better and arrive at a logical conclusion. The book covers 20 topics categorized into two sections – Verbal and Nonverbal.
  • Science Project – This provides hands-on experience reinforcing your confidence level. There are 62 experiments covering various topics of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology (PCMB).

Study Material - Topics covered in Physics

Book 1 - IX Std Motion
Force & Law of Motion
Gravitation and Flotation
Gravitation and Flotation
Book 2 - X Std Heat
Sources of Energy
Book 3 - X Std Electricity
Force, Work Energy and Power
Book 1 - IX Std Matter in our Surrounding
Atomic Structure
The Language of Chemistry
Elements, Compounds & Mixture
Gaseous States
Study of the First Element - Hydrogen
Book 2 - X Std Mole Concept and Stoichiometry
Periodic Table
Chemical Bonding
Chemical Reactions and Equations
Acids, Bases and Salts
Book 3 - X Std Electrolysis
Analytical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Hydrogen Chloride
Book 1 - IX Std Polynomials
Triangles and Quadrilaterals
Area of Triangles and Quadrilaterals
Construction of Triangles
Mensuration - Cube,Cuboid and Cylinder
Book 2 - IX & X Std Real Numbers
Linear Equations in Two Variables
Quadratic Equations
Circumference and Area of a Circle
Compound Interest
Book 3 - IX & X Std Similarity
Co-ordinate Geometry
Surds and Logarithms
Book 4 - X Std Progression and Series
Mensuration -Cone and Sphere
Heights and Distance
Commercial Mathematics
Book 1 - IX Std Fundamental Unit of Life
Diversity in Living Organisms
Why do we Fall Ill
Improvement in Food Resources
Origin of Life
Book 2 - X Std Life Processes
Control and Co-ordination
Reproduction in Organisms
Heredity and Evolution
Our Environment
Management of Natural Resources
Biotechnology and Its Applications
Book 1  Series Compilation
Alphabet Test & Number Ranking
Mathematical Operations
Puzzle Test
Seating Arrangement
Blood Relations
Direction Sense Test
Logical Venn Diagram
The Calendar
Clock Test
Book 1  Experiments in Physics
Experiments in Chemistry
Experiments in Mathematics
Experiments in Biology


  • Exhaustive theory designed by National Olympiad Toppers and experienced faculties from premier institutes
  • Methodology aiming at thorough understanding of all topics and subtopics
  • Over 3,000 pages of study material for classes 9th and 10th
  • 1,000+ Illustrations and Solved Examples
  • 3,000+ Unsolved Questions for Boards and Competitive Exams categorized into Objective and Subjective types
  • Extensive concept building with 300+ Plancess Concepts
  • Two sets of exercises that organize questions into the following 12 categories: Fill in the Blanks, True/False, Match the Following, Very Short Answer Questions, Short Answer Questions, Long Answer Questions, Multiple Choice Questions, More Than One Correct, Passage Based Questions, Assertion and Reason, Subjective Questions, Experiment Based Questions etc.
  • Elevate your understanding: More than 3000 pages of Classes 9 and 10 Study Material consist of complete topics and sub-topics with proper presentation strategy for better understanding.
  • Self-assessment: Know where you stand before the examination with 1,000+ illustrations and solved examples.
  • Ample practice: Increase your problem-solving speed and accuracy with 3,000+ unsolved questions for Boards and Competitive Exams categorized into Objective and Subjective types.
  • Master concepts: Learn faster and better with 300+ highlighted Plancess Concepts.
  • Proper categorization: Proper segregation of concepts into tips & tricks, notes, facts and key take away points improves understanding.
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