SBI PO Assessment
SBI PO Assessment
SBI PO Assessment
SBI PO Assessment
SBI PO Assessment
SBI PO Assessment
SBI PO Assessment
SBI PO Assessment

SBI PO Assessment

One stop solution to enable you to crack SBI PO exam. Our SBI PO Package not only covers each and every concept of the syllabus, but also helps in improving time management and accuracy which is the key to success. 

With PrepLane (, Plancess' online assessment platform, you get:

  • More than 2500+ questions with detailed solutions (step-by-step) powered by Wiley experts.
  • 20 practice mock tests matching question distribution and difficulty level with the real exam.
  • Detailed reports that offer insights to improve conceptual proficiency, time management and more.
To get started with PrepLane, you will need to follow these steps:
Step 1:  Sign up on using the email ID you want to use on PrepLane.
Step 2:  Once you have registered on, you will receive an email on the same email ID to activate your account using an activation link.
Step 3: When purchasing, make sure you use the same email ID that is registered on PrepLane.


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The questions asked in the SBI PO exam are quite challenging and require deep understanding of core concepts. Our SBI PO Assessment, PrepLane lets you practice with online timed-mock tests to help you realize your strong areas, time management and improvement areas. 
Here is the detailed SBI PO Syllabus:


Series Completion
Coding - Decoding
Mathematical Inequalities
Blood Relationship
Direction and Position
Machine Input-Output
Puzzles and Problem Solving
Sitting Arrangement
Data Sufficiency
Computer Fundamentals
Digital Electronics and Operating System
MS Office
DBMS and Web Technologies
Wireless Communication, Programming and Software
Sentence Rearrangement
Reading Comprehension
Sentence Correction (Grammar)
Cloze Test
Number System
Approximation and Simplification
Averages and Ages
Alligations and Mixtures
Ratio, Proportion and Partnership
Percentages, Profit, Loss and Discount
Time and Work
Speed, Time and Distance
Permutation & Combination and Probability
Data Interpretation
Tabular Data
Line Graphs
Bar Graphs
Pie Charts
Radar Graphs
Mixed Problems
Current Affairs and General Knowledge
Economic Awareness
Indian Financial Systems and Institutions
Products and Services in Indian Financial System
Introduction to Banking
Miscellaneous Concepts, Major Banking Terms and Phrases
Banking Current Affairs
  • Unlimited practice tests - Get thorough practice with several rigorous tests that cover every topic
  • Learn smarter with insights - Access detailed insights on your progress and performance to plan your studies better
  • Real life experience - Experts Attempt mock tests designed by highly qualified experts based on the actual exam pattern
  • Get Personalised Recommendations - Improve your scores with recommendations that suggest relevant subjects to focus on
  • 2500+ SBI PO relevant questions - Get access to 2500+ questions based on the latest SBI PO syllabus in terms of question distribution and difficulty level
  • Simulated tests to provide an experience of the real exam - PrepLane features all the question formats that have appeared in the examination to ensure that you get an experience that is as close to the exam as possible.
  • Analysis reports to improve the performance - PrepLane provides an instant report on completion of each assessment to help you understand the concepts you're struggling in. 
  • Detailed solutions to help you learn as you practice - PrepLane provides question-wise analysis on assessments taken by you to help you understand the mistakes you've made along with detailed recommendations to help improve your performance.
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